Why is Fall the Best Time to Visit Marco Island?

Marco Island, Florida, is perhaps one of the most underrated vacation destinations of the Sunshine State. It’s home to plenty of stunning shorelines, incredibly fresh seafood, interesting history, and breathtaking nature. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find it here!

If you’re planning a vacation, you’re probably curious as to the best time to visit Marco Island. In our opinion, you can never go wrong planning your getaway for the fall. There are so many reasons why you’ll have a spectacular time in our Marco Island vacation rentals in the fall!

Nice Weather

Marco Island is in Florida, so you can imagine how hot the summers are. In the summers, high temperatures are often in the 90s and can even get into the 100s. However, the fall time brings much more bearable numbers. During the fall months of September, October, and November, high temperatures are usually in the 80s, while low temperatures fall into the 70s. These numbers allow you to still enjoy the water during midday while experiencing cooler mornings and evenings. 

Rain also isn’t much of a concern in the fall months. September is still in the wet season, so you might have a few afternoon showers in the weeks following Labor Day. However, in October and November, the rain chances drop dramatically, so you don’t have to worry about packing an umbrella or raincoat.

boy skipping on the beach

Fewer Crowds

Since the majority of tourists visit Marco Island in the summertime, you’re in for a treat when you plan a fall vacation. There aren’t nearly as many people on the island, since most visitors have returned home because of work or school. You won’t have to wait in huge lines to get into your favorite attractions, and you can really get to know the locals who run the shops and restaurants. 

Smaller crowds also make for much safer conditions, especially if you have children. Parents understand the anxiety that can come with taking your kids to a crowded location, where they could instantly get lost in the hustle and bustle. With fewer people, you’ll be able to easily keep an eye on your kids and let them have a little more fun.

Plan Your Visit

We strive to treat every single guest like family, and we’re proud to have loyal customers that return season after season. We hope you’ll be next! Contact us today to start planning your vacation.

Save Money

One of the best reasons to secure a rental on Marco Island in the fall is the lower costs. In the summertime, renters know that tons of tourists are coming and their properties will be in high demand. So, they raise their prices to take advantage of desperate visitors looking for a place to stay.

However, in the fall, most people leave town after Labor Day Weekend. The renters still need to make some money, though, so they will often lower their prices to attract the visitors who do come. The benefits are then passed on to you, the guest! You can get a nice vacation rental at a fraction of the usual price. 

Where to Stay

Have we convinced you that your next fall vacation should bring you to Marco Island? Consider one of our rental properties! If you’ve got the extra time, think about staying in one of our Marco Island long term rentals so you can take full advantage of the season! At Clausen Properties, we are proud to offer comfortable and affordable accommodations that are great for any family, no matter your size or budget.