Start Relaxing Now – Travel Insurance

Vacation rental insurance will put your mind at ease from the moment you book, ensuring your vacation will never become a source of stress or hardship.

Clausen Properties, Inc. knows that that sometimes your trip can take an unforeseen detour and require the delay of your vacation. This is why Clausen Properties, Inc. has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to offer Sun Trip Preserver. In the event the unexpected occurs Clausen Properties, Inc. wants to ensure that you are covered. Clausen Properties, Inc. can only issue a refund if cancellation is outside 60 days of your arrival.

Trip Preserver protects your vacation by covering unanticipated problems and expenses with reimbursement of your investment should you have to cancel for things such as:

  • Medical issues that delay your trip or occur during your vacation.
  • Severe weather, hurricanes or natural disasters
  • Job loss/change (must be with current employer for 1 year)
  • Lost or stolen property and trip delays.
  • You don’t need to worry about “what ifs” when you invest in travel insurance. We strongly recommend you to take advantage of an affordable policy with Trip Preserver. Insurance can be added through Clausen Properties, Inc. during booking. Clausen Properties, Inc. will not issue refunds once your final payment is made.

    For more information about Trip Preserver Travel Insurance, contact Clausen Properties, Inc. or visit the Red Sky website, or call 1-866-889-7409.