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South Beach in Marco Island has every substantial feature you could ask for: rolling dunes, sprawling white sands, glorious gulf views, and more.

You’ll Love the Paradise of South Beach

If you stand out on the beaches of Marco Island and scan the coast, you are certain to see a row of glorious vacation rentals right on the beach. Docks to the water, elegant cottages, and open white sandy beaches... Read more

The Capri Fish House lunch menu includes about five salad options, four different burger arrangements, and eight basket options. You can get baskets of lobster, clams, frog legs, and grouper, to name a few.

Three Most Popular Dishes at the Capri Fish House Restaurant

Few nail Florida seafood better than the Capri Fish House in Naples, Florida. It has everything a seafood joint should have: a mellow ambiance, tiki-inspired décor, and a wide array of seafood specialties, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. There... Read more

How to Find the Best Seashells on Marco Island

Seashells. These cute, fascinating, magical objects from the sea attract beachcombers near and far to the shores of Marco Island. Seashells populate seemingly every square inch of Marco Island’s sandy white beaches. When barefoot, you can’t walk far on the... Read more

Meet the dolphin whisperer of Marco Island,.

Meet The Amazing Dolphin Whisperer Of Marco Island

Marco Island is all about the beaches and the “water life.” Whether admiring from afar or exploring the waters directly looking for local wildlife, few places are covered in amazing natural sights against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico’s... Read more

3 Awesome Treasures of The Seafood Festival In Everglades City

Mark your calendars. It is time to come on out to the cusp of the Everglades near Marco Island to experience a big and exciting event for the ages. It is the spectacle of the Seafood Festival in Everglades City.... Read more

Marco Prime Steak and Seafood || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

Restaurant Highlight: Marco Prime Steak and Seafood

Marco Island has a lot of wonderful restaurants, some right on the water and others tucked away in the historic streets of the island’s quaint downtown. Yet, few capture the spirit of island fine dining better than Marco Prime. With... Read more

How to Take Breathtaking Instagram Beach Photos || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

How to Take Breathtaking Instagram Beach Photos

Instagram is the ultimate place for picture lovers. This photo sharing app has reinvented the art of the “selfie,” raising the bar higher and higher. Selfie sticks are everywhere. We are glued to our phones, trying to get the caption... Read more

Take your dog to Canine Cove dog park Marco Island || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

Canine Cove on Marco Island is the Best Place to be with Your Pet

A large bone attached to a tree, with the words “Canine Cove,” welcomes you to one of the best dog parks in Marco Island. There’s plenty of ground to cover for your adventurous and excited pup, so let’s get to... Read more

Visit Tigertail Lagoon on the Beaches of Marco Island, Florida || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

2 Tigertail Beach Spots: Tigertail Lagoon and Sand Dollar Spit

Marco Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. From any location on the island, you can walk to a breathtaking Gulfside beach from a relaxing Marco Island vacation rental. Tigertail Beach is, perhaps, the most iconic of them all. The dazzling... Read more

Stone Crab Marco Island

Why Are Stone Crabs So Popular in Southwest Florida?

Any non-crab enthusiast might look at the stone crab as just another crab. They might ask, “What is so special about the stone crab? Why are stone crabs so expensive? I don’t get it.” True seafood lovers and southwest Floridians... Read more