Explore Marco Island

Marco Island Historical Museum

When looking up where is Marco Island, you might want to find something to do in Marco Island for the history lover. You’ll find that there are plenty of places to go where you can learn about Marco Island’s history. ... Read more

Tricolored Heron in the water

How to Bird Watch at Marco Island Beaches

Introduction to Bird Watching in Florida  If ornithology is your thing, then there is no better place to birdwatch than here in sunny Florida. Ornithology has been popular here since the 1770s when William Bartram began cataloging wildlife in Florida.... Read more

Dome houses at Cape Romano || Escape to Marco Island

10 Free Things to Do on Marco Island

Marco Island Historical Museum If you are looking for free things to do on Marco Island, check out Marco Island Historical Museum. This museum boasts its world-famous Key Marco Cat, a feline statuette crafted by a Calusa artist between 500... Read more

Restaurant Highlight: Crazy Flamingo

There are a ton of great places to eat on Marco Island, but the Crazy Flamingo stands out as one of the best. Why is that? Well, this is one of the places that will cook your fish for you!... Read more

A Guide to Boating on Marco Island

Boating is a staple of life in Marco Island. Whether you are a newcomer to boating or got your sea legs a long time ago, it is something you ought to do while staying in one of the beautiful Marco... Read more

Naples International Film Festival

The Naples area is full of culture, and there are tons of fun events happening year-round. If you’re planning to visit in October, you cannot miss out on the Naples International Film Festival. By staying on Marco Island, you’ll have... Read more

Tacos at La Tavola in Marco Island

Restaurant Highlight: La Tavola

Marco Island is simply a paradise, full of white sand beaches, incredible shopping, breathtaking nature, and mouth-watering food. The convenient location, just 15 miles south of Naples, allows you immediate access to the surrounding towns for some fascinating day trips.... Read more

When and Where to See a Manatee in Marco Island

Dreaming of white sandy beaches, tropical climate, and romantic sunsets? Look no further than Marco Island, an oasis located at the southern tip of Southwest Florida, only 15 miles south of Naples. The island is flanked by miles of palm... Read more

View of the Picayune Strand State Forest from the water

What Makes Picayune Strand State Forest a Great Place to Visit?

Which state has the most beautiful forests? The answer could be Florida, particularly within the Everglades. You wouldn’t think the everglades would be thick in gorgeous foliage and dense beautiful forestry, but it is. If you can manage to get... Read more

view of people parasailing in Marco Island

How to Prepare for a Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is a blast. You soar in the sky, over the water, with not a care in the world and the breeze blowing through your hair. It’s a great feeling and one of the most popular water activities on Marco... Read more