A Brief History of Marco Island

Marco Island is a place full of rich history to discover. Marco Island history dates back hundreds of years, as the earliest known inhabitants were a group of Indigenous people called the Calusa.

The Calusa people were a vibrant and complex culture of artisans, architects, and fishers. They were known to have had great political influence along the Southwest coast. Land masses and hills that can still be seen today were formerly built by Calusa people out of recycled organic materials such as shells, fish bones and other items.

European explorers came to Marco Island during the 16th and 17th century bringing disease and violence; no known Calusa people survived. Since European settlers have come to Marco Island, the local industries have drastically changed throughout the years from a pioneer fishing village, a pineapple plantation, a clam cannery, and later the island grew explosively as a tourist destination starting in the 1960s.

marco island history

Marco Island Today

Today Marco Island has a population of 15,000 year round that swells to about 35,000 during the winter months as tourists travel there to escape the cold in the rest of the country and from all over the world.

Know for its lovely ocean setting, beautiful views, and diverse Floridian wildlife, Marco Island offers any sort of cuisine, ocean activity and accommodations any resident or traveler could desire. It is the biggest island of the Ten Thousand South Florida Islands and is connected to the mainland by two bridges.

The bridges allow for access to the island, but it still maintains a feeling of isolation. Travelers love coming to Marco Island to get away from it all, while still having access to a variety of manmade comforts nearby that aren’t too overwhelming.

As a tourist destination, Marco Island’s significance is not only as a beautiful and entertaining place for vacationing but also a place to learn about history, cultures, and ecology. The Marco Island Historic Society and Museum are perfect resources to give you a unique insight to the people that have lived on the island and changes that have taken place throughout the years. There are also a variety of historic tours you can take in and around the Marco Island to learn more about Marco Island historical sites.

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Ecological Preservation

Many locals of Marco Island place a great value on the wildlife and ecology of Marco Island. Several ecological preservation efforts are being made in order to keep Marco Island’s habitats protected. There are non-profit and volunteer organizations, networks, and government agencies trying to preserve ecology by:

  • Properly handling waste
  • Monitoring and preservation of bird, fish, sea mammals, and other wildlife
  • Making political alliances for preservation projects
  • Water monitoring
  • Creating and maintaining “green” lodging

Marco Island has a lot to offer in terms of a rich history and ecological diversity in a beautiful setting. It seems to be in good hands by the local leaders who are taking care of the island so that it can continue to be enjoyed by many.

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