Enjoy a Golf Getaway at the Everglades

Marco Island and Naples, provide some of the best-golfing possibilities along the gulf. On your next Marco Island vacation, you can have an epic golf escape.

Time for some golf.

Of course, if you don’t wake up with all your gear in hand, a prepared ride right to the front gate of the course, and all your tee times booked, you may be in for a bit of preparation.

Thankfully, planning a golf getaway isn’t really all that hard, especially with all the different places to play along with the beaches of Marco Island. Marco Island and its big brother Naples provide some of the best-golfing possibilities along the gulf. If you are staying at one of our condo rentals on Marco Island, you are sure to have an epic time on your golf escape. We offer quick tips for planning a golf trip as well an argument for why there are few things better than golfing on the gulf.

The Golf Club at Everglades is an incredibly well-maintained course. It strikes a fine balance between accessibility and challenge.

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Golf Trip Ideas for Guys

So you know you want to golf. But you first need to find out where. There aren’t many courses actually on Marco Island, so you are bound to spend the majority of your golf time in Naples.

Where is Marco Island? Marco Island is just south of Naples by about 20 miles or 40 minutes.
Some of the top golfing locations include:

  • Hideaway Beach Golf Course: Hideaway is probably the most popular private golf course on Marco Island. It is soaked in brilliant views, dense Florida Live Oaks, and challenging courses.
  • The Links of Naples: This inland course is known for a more casual attitude about golfing
  • Eagle Lakes: an 18-hole course inland of Marco Island.
  • WCI Hammock Bay Golf Club: A very concise and under-the-radar golf location
  • The Island Country Club: One of the best private golf courses actually on Marco Island. It is a necessary stop if you are staying at one of our Marco Island vacation homes.

These are some of the best golf courses in and around Marco Island. You can find many more if you scale out to include all of Naples. Explore the courses which fit your needs. While some are private and luxurious, others are casual and accessible to visitors. Naples and Marco Island are golfer paradises.

Why Golf at the Everglades?

The Everglades are untapped and untouched. The region provides some of the most reclusive and isolated havens in the entire country. We can’t recommend an everglades golfing excursion enough.

This may be why the Golf Club at Everglades went simple with the name. This course is incredibly well-maintained. It strikes a fine balance between accessibility and challenge. There are only a few forced carries and the tree placements are specific and purposeful. This Rees Jones masterpiece comes highly recommended.

This 18-hole, par 72 course has a membership-only clubhouse, a restaurant, an acclaimed practice area, and a shop. It represents the pinnacle of Naples golfing and is worth a visit.

Planning a Golf Trip

So you got your places picked out and you spent some time exploring the perks of the Everglades. Now you need to plan it out.

  • Make sure you begin by packing your bags. Don’t be concerned about getting absolutely everything. Many golf courses have gear available to purchase or rent.
  • Plan what you are going to eat. There are some popular restaurants on and off the island. Spot out two or three top spots and visit courses near them.
  • Select one golf course you must visit. This will be your main site, and you can plan around it.
  • Book tee times in advance. It is better to be prepared instead of scrambling for a game.

So now you know how to plan the perfect golf trip. Learn the locations. Prepare for the trip. Find one of our Marco Island vacation rentals to accommodate your group. Book your schedules on time. This is how you make the most of your golf adventure. You can have one of your best golf trips on a budget while also enjoying some top-tier play. You can find plenty of food for a golf trip without having to go far. This is how golfing should be.