How to Take Breathtaking Instagram Beach Photos

How to Take Breathtaking Instagram Beach Photos || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

Instagram is the ultimate place for picture lovers. This photo sharing app has reinvented the art of the “selfie,” raising the bar higher and higher. Selfie sticks are everywhere. We are glued to our phones, trying to get the caption just right. While it’s always nice to take a step back and appreciate the moment while on vacation, it is also fun to capture it in a way that gets you a lot of “likes.”

There’s no place that better represents the free-spirited, Insta-famous lifestyle than the beach – except, perhaps, a breathtaking mountaintop. The beach is one of the most iconic places to snap an epic selfie.

So, how do you take an exquisite photo that captures the best of the beach – and you? Below are some quick photo-snapping tips so you can improve your Instagram photos for your Marco Island beach trip.

What's the secret to the best Instagram photos?

The Art of Sunset-Snapping

If you want to know how to take good Instagram beach photos, you have to get that sunset. Sunset selfies are especially hard because you’re potentially working with two focal subjects: you and the dazzling display of colors behind you. If you try to get in on the photo while facing the sunset, you are probably going to be blacked out.

Try to snap a sunset-only photo first, and do it when the sun is at least 75 percent cleared by the horizon. If you take it too early, it will be whited out. If you snap too late, the entire image will likely be underexposed. Take your picture with the sun right in the middle, so you can see both its outline and the color bursting around it.

If you want to know how to up your beach photography, focus on how much light you have – or don’t have. It is utterly breathtaking when you get it right.

How to Take a Beach Selfie and Get in on the Fun

It’s not all about the iconic “landscape shot.” Sometimes, you want to be in the picture, too. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to learn how to take good photos of yourself on the beach. Hold the camera at a slight angle. This adds a little extra dimension to your face and body, something that you don’t always get when you hold it straight.

How to Take Breathtaking Instagram Beach Photos || Marco Island || Clausen Properties

Depending on how much of the scenery you want in the background, you’ll want to stretch your arm out as far as possible. If you’re in a group, get whoever has the longest arms to snap the photo.

You also want to look up at the camera or angle the camera down. Not only will this make your eyes look bigger, but it gives a broader view of the background.

How to Pose for Your Photos

You have to know when and how to make the most of your beach setting. A pose goes a long way here so you want to spend a little time finding the best beach poses for Instagram.

One of our favorites is the wide shot with your hands up in the air. You are having an amazing time! The beach is your background and you are celebrating it with open arms. Of course, you’ll need someone to snap this photo for you or use your camera’s timer.

We also love the point-of-view shot up the beach. Sit or stand, holding the camera low at an upward angle. This way, you can get the island backdrop opposite the water, while the ground is level. It’s a good way to capture the relaxation of laying out on the beach.

Finally, you can go for a pure side shot. Spread out on a blanket or chair, angling the camera to frame your body. Snap the photo from the direct left or right. If you do this well, you can also capture the stretch of beach behind you.

Cap it all off with some funny – or punny – Instagram beach captions. But, more importantly than any picture or clever caption, you have to have an incredible time.