Keewaydin Island

Visit this barrier island not far from Naples, FL for an off-the-grid day of exploring and fishing. This island has no cars, roads, or bridges and has been left largely unpopulated as a wilderness refuge and secret escape reserved for the few who go in search of this magical place. Walk or bike the 8-mile island with dirt paths, fish offshore and on the beach, or lounge and meet other explorers that visit the island.

Keewaydin Island is a barrier island not far from Naples, FL for an off-the-grid day of exploring and fishing.

How to Get to Keewaydin Island

The only way to reach the island is by boat, and the southern tip of the island is the popular place to anchor offshore and enjoy the scenery. Pack a picnic or grab food at the floating restaurant barge that serves cold drinks, sandwiches, and burgers to visitors. The Hemingway Water Shuttle is the most popular transportation chioce.

Keewaydin Island as we know it today is largely due to the 1,000 residents during the 50’s and 60’s that fought the commercial development of the island in favor of keeping it intimate and ruggedly beautiful. Now the protected ecosystem is home to deer, bobcats, loggerhead turtles, and even iguana!

All visitors are asked to obey certain restrictions to protect the wildlife preserve and keep the recreational areas clean. Please do not distribute the wildlife, glass containers are prohibited and all trash should be properly disposed of or removed from the island. You will want to bring everything you will need for the day because there are no stores to buy the basics like sunscreen, bug spray, etc.

This is truly a wonderfully unique experience! And at the end of a day “off the grid” you can return to a private and pristine rental home close to all the great restaurants and activities on Marco Island.

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