Meet The Amazing Dolphin Whisperer Of Marco Island

Meet the dolphin whisperer of Marco Island,.

Marco Island is all about the beaches and the “water life.” Whether admiring from afar or exploring the waters directly looking for local wildlife, few places are covered in amazing natural sights against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico’s tranquil calmness.

It might be the intimate and quiet nature that originally attracted Avi Langer to the shores of Marco Island. He is the dolphin whisperer, a leader in drawing in these wonderful Marco Island inhabitants from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico to the surface.

Who is the mysterious master of Marco Island and its many glorious dolphins? Who is Avi Langer?

Avi Langer is the Dolphin Whisperer of Florida

AVI Water Sports

Avi Langer runs AVI Water Sports. His small company offers jet ski water tours of Marco Island. The primary goal is to get you in and through the waters around Marco Island all while being as safe and comfortable as possible.

But he does so in style. He loves to take larger groups, so don’t hesitate to book a trip if you have a pretty sizable crew of three or four coming along. He also likes to get into the many off-the-beaten-path nooks of Marco Island’s perimeter and the islands so you can see areas you wouldn’t necessarily see on any basic journey.

He is open seven days a week. Tours depart daily from the 909 Collier Court address at Caxambas Park. This isn’t far from many of our condos on Marco Island, which makes Avi Watersports a convenient method for taking a jet ski water tour.

Where Do You Go On a Jet Ski Water Tour?

He primarily carries you around the many intricate waterways of Ten Thousand Islands’ 50+ square miles. You can cruise open waters or venture into the deep wetlands. All the while, you are on the lookout for these delicate and amazing creatures and the star of the show- the dolphins.

Avi Langer is an exceptional photographer. During the trip, he takes many photographs, often getting both you and the dolphins in the shot at the same time. His trips typically last about two and a half hours. You can speak with him about additional trip details upon booking.

Avi Langer is the dolphin whisperer, a leader in drawing in these wonderful Marco Island inhabitants from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico to the surface.

Getting to Know the Dolphin Whisperer

Enjoy an amazing jet ski tour. See the magical natural sights and sounds of Marco Island. He can absolutely help you get the most out of your dolphin water tours of Marco Island.

But what about dolphin whispering? Is a dolphin whisperer a real thing?

The term derives from an uncanny ability to communicate with any animal. Dolphin whisperers seem to be able to communicate with the treasured marine animals. They show a willingness to dip their snout to the surface of the water and towards boats and jet skis. When a dolphin whisperer hits the water, there’s always bound to be a few dolphins following from behind, dancing or playing in the waves.

The concept isn’t new. There are a number of people who have been deemed a dolphin whisperer, including Scarlet Colley of Port Isabel and our friend from Marco Island- Avi Langer.

Both have shown an uncanny ability to attract dolphins to their circle. Avi has named a number of the dolphins and has discerned personality and physical traits for many of them. He may refer to them as a tribe or community, as opposed to a pod, and recognizes their incredible intelligence.

Dolphins are some of the smartest creatures on Earth. Is it any surprise that some people, with a special empathy for the creature, can connect with them?

It is fascinating to see this unfold in person with Avi, the dolphin whisperer of Marco Island. You can hear more about Avi’s story on his official website. You can also book tours, see pictures of his past adventures with other guests, and get a look into how he operates.

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