Sea Turtle Nesting on Marco Island

It is the beginning of a very special season on Marco Island. Sea Turtle Nesting season draws people from all over the world hoping to get a chance to see these amazing animals laying their eggs. But so much attention can endanger the turtles or even scare them away from building their nests. With that in mind, always be respectful of ocean life on vacation and read these helpful tips about vacationing during Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Marco Island. Learn how to keep the wildlife safe and share the beaches.

sea turtle nesting marco island

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Tips

  • Never approach a sea turtle while she is laying her eggs or exiting or entering the ocean. Give them plenty of space, because if they think you are a threat, the sea turtles might leave without nesting. Also, never attempt to grab, pet or pick up baby sea turtles. Yes, they are incredibly adorable, but they are not pets and have only one goal in their brand new lives – and that is to reach the ocean without being eaten.
  • Turn off porch lights and close windows and curtains during Sea Turtle Nesting Season. Turtles are attracted to the light and can be confused and even lost when trying to find the shore.
  • and pictures are not discouraged. BUT please turn off the flash, ESPECIALLY during the evenings.
  • Please take a moment to make sure that you and your family take all of your belongings off the beach and move chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment far away from the shore. These objects can be obstacles to the turtles crawling across the beach.
  • Any deep holes or trenches that guests see at the beach should be filled in. This is especially dangerous to turtle hatchlings that will fall into these holes and are unable to climb out and reach the ocean
  • Kids should be quiet and still if a sea turtle is nearby for the best opportunity to watch these amazing creatures up close

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Turtles

When is Sea Turtle Nesting Season? May 1 – October 1

Where do the Sea Turtles go to lay their eggs? All along the Gulf Coast, sea turtles return to the place that they hatched to lay their eggs.

What kind of Sea Turtles visit Florida? Loggerhead turtles

What do Sea Turtles eat? They prefer jellyfish, which is why leaving trash behind on the beach is so dangerous. Plastic bags resemble the turtles’ favorite food and are a leading cause of sea turtle deaths. Please, always double check that your trash is secure on the beach and cannot blow into the ocean.