Visiting Cape Romano on Marco Island

Marco Island is a remote paradise on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Visitors to Naples often come out to the largest barrier island in the area for a weekend trip. Our private Marco Island vacation rentals make for a truly peaceful adventure near some of Florida’s most beautiful and least crowded beaches.

Visitors to Cape Romano can depart from Caxambas Park and Marina and take the hour-and-a-half journey to the tip.

For those looking to get even further off the beaten path, travelers can journey to the southernmost tip of Marco Island to Cape Romano, part of the Ten Thousand Islands preserve. It is only accessible by boat, but it’s worth it.

A favorite Marco Island activity, Cape Romano offers a dazzling view of the Gulf surrounded by the isolated marshlands of southern Florida.

Here you’ll enjoy an amazing and relaxing perspective on Florida’s natural beauty – a stark contrast to the busy coastal beach towns that draw snowbirds south.

Getting to Cape Romano

Cape Romano lies at the southern end of a large span of islands, mangrove islets and marshland called the Ten Thousand Islands, largely accessible by small watercraft only.

Visitors to Cape Romano can depart from Caxambas Park and Marina and take the hour-and-a-half journey to the tip. Concession stands, boat rentals, and long-term docking are available at the four-acre park.

What to See at Cape Romano

Cape Romano is otherworldly in both its isolation and its natural environment. The area is a major landing point for thousands of migratory birds each year, making its ecosystem one of great importance.

Though small, the pristine beaches are largely unoccupied, leaving you plenty of space to catch some rays, go for a swim, and check out the local wildlife without stepping over hundreds of beach towels. Visitors can walk from one sandbar to another soaking in the sun and the rugged natural beauty. It is a destination for people who really want to feel like they’re at the edge of the world.

The Dome Homes

The Dome Homes are one of the main attractions for visitors to the area. They have a fascinating and bizarre history.

Developed in 1980 by businessman Bob Lee, these eco-homes started as a dome-structure inhabited by Lee and his wife. Sold a few years later in 1984, the house had accumulated thousands in construction fines and Collier County fined the new owner, requesting extensive redesigns.

Today, the property is a little worse for wear due to damage from hurricanes and erosion. It was valued at $125 in 2014 – a far cry from its 2005 price tag of $300,000.

Overlooking the bay and sunk in about seven feet of water, and being increasingly claimed by the water each year, the Dome Homes have become a destination for scuba divers and kayakers exploring the area.

kayaks and boats by the water

Things to Do Around Cape Romano

Visitors can participate in many activities along the isolated waterways of Cape Romano.

Avi’s Water Sports offers Jet Ski rentals that allow you to tour the waters near Cape Romano at your leisure.

Located in central Marco Island, Avi’s offers full-day and hourly rentals, as well as a variety of tours. Group discounts are available by calling 239-777-9873.

Off the Hook Adventures is a boat rental agency located right at Caxambas Park and Marina. The tour guides will take visitors down to the Cape to look for dolphins, dive off the boat, and experience first-hand the intricate network of waterways.

Another resource for Marco Island boat rentals is Make a Memory Fishing Charters, led by Captain Bill Jones, who leads fishing expeditions around Marco Island and Cape Romano.

Plan Your Visit

If you’re looking to spend your holiday on a more secluded coast with thousands of acres of land and pristine waterways to explore, Marco Island vacation rentals are for you!