What to Do With Your Pet on Marco Island: Take Your Dog on a Canine Cove Vacation

The excitement of a vacation is often deflated by the question, “what do we do with our dog?” Leaving the furriest family member with a dog sitter is a perfectly acceptable decision. But only if we could bring our lovely family dog along for the vacation getaway would it be just a little more rewarding.

Bringing a dog along to many vacation destinations is impractical and hard. Try to get a dog to Hawaii. But Marco Island is warm and welcoming for dogs.

You can find a wide range of pet-friendly Marco Island vacation rentals and a slew of spacious and friendly dog parks to take your pup to for an afternoon of running and playing.
Perhaps the best of these parks is Canine Cove.

What do you do with your dog when you go on vacation?

Canine Cove

Canine Cove is, without a doubt, one of the most welcoming and ambitious additions to the park culture of Marco Island. Recent renovations expanded and improved this dog park area, which is within an immediate walking distance of the Frank E. Mackle Community Park at 1361 Andalusia Terrace.

Firstly, the park has a separated leash-free area for small dogs and big dogs. There is a huge path that spans the large pond. Dogs are required on a leash in this area, but you are allowed to take them down to the water to play.

The grounds here are designed with water-loving dogs in mind. There is an entrancing fountain in the pond’s center that your dog will likely try to chase down. And it is gator-free! You may find a few birds and swans relaxing on the water’s surface.

With Canine Cove being located right next to Mackle Park, everyone can soak in the afternoon. A water playground and splash pond are located near some inviting facilities. The splash fountains are also closely located to a picnic pavilion area. While the kids can play, parents can watch from not-so-far, and actually sit down for once!

Canine Cove is formerly located at 1361 Andalusia Terrace, Marco Island, FL 34145. It is open from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

dog playing fetch

Other Local Dog Parks

Canine Cove is one of the only major dog parks on Marco Island and was specifically designed as the main place to take your dogs for the day. The Marco Island beaches do not allow dogs.

You can potentially take your dog to Keewaydin Island, which is just north of Marco Island. It is only accessible by boat and is an ambitious day on the water, but it is worth the extra effort if you want to bring your pet and the family on a water-bound escape.

If you wind up in Naples, you can take your dog to the cute Golden Gate Paws Park or the Naples Dog Park. Neither can compete with the scale and amenities of Canine Cove, but they offer safe premises for your dog to play and exercise.

Things to Do with Your Dog

Looking to get a bite to eat or see some other sights on Marco Island with your pet? You are not confined indoors by any means. Mango’s Dockside Bistro at 760 N Collier Blvd is more than happy to welcome some social pets to its outdoor patio space.

Jack’s Lookout at 951 Bald Eagle Dr has a dockside marina view and patio for you and your dog. Grab a low-key lunch of hot dogs and fish sandwiches here.

Always call ahead to confirm that dogs are allowed on the premises. There are many little outdoor cafes and coffee spots that will welcome your furry family friend.

You could also go shopping with your dog at Tin City in Naples, a waterfront and partly outdoor shopping district specializing in handmade local crafts and rare antiques.

Plan Your Visit

Interested in taking your dog to Canine Cove? Hoping to make it as easy as possible? We can help you find some pet-friendly Marco Island vacation rentals within a dog-walk away from some truly incredible beaches, restaurants, and nature destinations.