Canine Cove on Marco Island is the Best Place to be with Your Pet

A large bone attached to a tree, with the words “Canine Cove,” welcomes you to one of the best dog parks in Marco Island. There’s plenty of ground to cover for your adventurous and excited pup, so let’s get to it.

where is canine cove dog park?

Introducing Canine Cove

Canine Cove is a quaint and clean dog park located within the Frank E. Mackle Community Park. You can find a really rewarding path along the park lake as well as facilities, playground area for the kids, shuffleboard, basketball, and more.

Canine Cove is the most dog-friendly part of Mackle Park, and the area you will likely spend the most time if you brought your fuzzy family friend along for the adventure.

Dogs are allowed on a leash outside the borders of Canine Cove at the park. Please follow proper etiquette for waste removal, behavior, and interaction with other pets and people. Though dogs are allowed on a leash within the park grounds, they are still not allowed in tennis courts, the playgrounds, and athletic fields.


Of course, Canine Cove on Marco Island is the best place to be with your pet. Let your pup frolic leash-free and enjoy one of the prized gems of the island.

The park area is split into two. There is an area for small dogs and an area for big dogs. The small dog area is recommended for 25 pounds and under. Dogs are expected to be well-behaved, and the community follows a self-policing approach to making sure owners and their pets are playing along.

Because this is Florida, the cove offers plenty of shade, with big trees, a water station, and some picnic seats for you to sit on.

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Inside Canine Cove- Rules and Things to Know

The Canine Cove dog park on Marco Island is a wonderful spot for your dogs to let loose, something they can’t always easily do while adventuring about in the Florida gulf coast. Fortunately, the cove is just the place, especially when everyone is following the basic guidelines. Children under four are not admitted into the gated dog area for safety reasons. No food is permitted in the cove as well, also for safety reasons. Any pup owner knows how dogs can get around a worthwhile treat.

It is also strongly suggested that owners have a collar as well as a current ID and license tag. The park does have a closed gate area so you can leash up and prepare before opening the gate to the park.

Canine Cove Details

Canine Cove dog park hours are 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day, including weekends. The park is officially located at 1361 Andalusia Terrace on Marco Island. This will bring you to the Frank E. Mackle Park, but walk southwest and you won’t miss the dog park near the edge of the community lake. For more Canine Cove information, contact us or local Collier County.

Other Dog-Friendly Locations

There are no other major off-leash dog parks in Marco Island, but you can find some outside the island. This includes Lovers Key. Many visitors ask about the top island beach site- is Tigertail Beach dog-friendly? No dogs are allowed on Marco Island beaches in either Naples or Collier County, including Tigertail, but many local restaurants will welcome your pups.

Bring your dog along for a full-family adventure. Book one of our pet-friendly vacation rentals today and take on the best of Marco Island.