Captain Party Hard Brent Wilson and First Mate, Ceilidh

Captain Party Hard Brent Wilson and first mate, Ceilidh || Clausen Properties on Marco Island, FL

Party away off the coast of Marco Island. A creative captain and his first mate have delicately crafted a grand adventure along the shores of Marco Island. Filled with drinks, games, grand views, and wild adventures, the Gulf is ready for the party.

What kind of trouble can you get into on a Marco Island vacation? If you leave it up to Brent Wilson and Ceilidh, the answer is anything.

Brent Wilson Captain Party Hard

Party Hard

It is time to embrace that real Florida party life. Brent Wilson offers an impeccable party experience atop the water. He takes you on an over three-hour journey along Marco Island on a high-end luxury cruiser.

Along for the adventure, and helping at every step, is Ceilidh. The two collectively prioritize one thing above all else – having fun. Safety is there too, but let’s be real. Brent Wilson and Ceilidh are all about the thrill of the experience and making sure you and your group have an absolute blast on the waters off Marco Island.

What’s Included

Captain Party Hard’s boat tours on Marco Island remain a full package experience. You, of course, get to soar over the waters while heading to some of the area’s most astonishing destinations. You get complimentary beverages for all for the entire duration of the trip. The team also makes sure music (of your preferred style) is always keeping the party going.

You will have the opportunity to shore up and play tons of fun beach games on Marco Island. A really popular destination with the Party Hard team is Keewaydin Island.

This beautiful escape area is a stunning example of the pristine magic of Marco Island. It also often has tons of people hanging out, partying, and enjoying the atmosphere so you can check it out and socialize outside the group.

Brent Wilson will set up some chairs and get a cornhole game going. You can also play a life-sized beer pong game. Expect many people to join in the craziness.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a party without some drinking. The crew keeps it coming with their signature drink – punch.

Another key destination is the Dome Home area. These dome properties elegantly and mystically surround the waters. These iconic properties have languished out on the waters over the years.

They make for a peculiar and unique sight, and the wildlife above and under the water helps build the mood. This is a top sight to see if you find yourself in Marco Island.


Brent Wilson and Ceilidh offer two main party boat rentals in Marco Island. These are the “Happy Hour” tour and the “Hair of the Dog” tour.

The Happy Hour tour is self-explanatory. Guests get extra drinks celebrating an early evening romp along the gulf. These trip lengths can vary, but are generally about three hours.

The “Hair of the Dog” tour is a fantastic adventure. You can take advantage of all the amenities offered by Party Hard. Utilize the sun umbrellas for some added comfort. Play bocce ball or beach ping pong. Make sure you take a break for some seafood, burgers or tacos at the Food Boat.

What else can you ask for? Brent Wilson and Ceilidh accommodate the experience to your mood. Sure, you can party hard and big, but you can also have a relaxing and atmospheric journey along the island. Have a great time – set at your perfect speed.

Rules and Standards

These are exclusively adult party boat tours. The crew loves kids, but not for a party boat. The age limit is 21. Booking ahead is essential and the group count can be no more than six due to size and safety limits.

Come on out for a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party. Sail the waters with your own personal crew celebrating anything or life itself. It’s time for you to really bask in Marco Island living.